Board of Directors

Ronald J. Mittelstaedt

Ronald J. Mittelstaedt has been President and Chief Executive Officer of Waste Connections since April 2023. ​ From July 2019 to that date, Mr. Mittelstaedt served as Executive Chairman of Waste Connections. ​ From its formation in 1997 to July 2019, Mr. Mittelstaedt served as Chief Executive Officer of Waste Connections. ​ Mr. Mittelstaedt has served as a director of Waste Connections since its formation and serves on the Executive Committee. Mr. Mittelstaedt was elected Chairman in January 1998 and served in that capacity until stepping down to serve as President and Chief Executive Officer in April 2023.  He also served as President of Waste Connections from its formation through August 2004. Mr. Mittelstaedt has more than 30 years of experience in the solid waste industry. He serves as a director of SkyWest, Inc. Mr. Mittelstaedt holds a B.A. degree in Business Economics with a finance emphasis from the University of California at Santa Barbara.