Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy



As a leading integrated provider of waste services in North America, Waste Connections recognizes the importance of our role in protecting the health of our local communities and the vitality of our planet.  Waste Connections is committed to environmental protection and compliance. In order to realize these commitments and to communicate these commitments to our officers, directors, employees and contractors, Waste Connections has developed this Environmental Policy (this “Policy”).  Waste Connections’ Board of Directors (the “Board”) has adopted this Policy so that every officer, director, employee and contractor may always have available a clear statement of Waste Connections’ general policies and principles concerning environmental protection and compliance.


This Policy applies to Waste Connections, Inc. and all of its subsidiaries, operating divisions and affiliates, and their respective officers, directors, employees and contractors.


  • Environmental Compliance – Comply with or exceed all local, state, provincial, and federal environmental laws and regulations in order to manage and mitigate air, water and land-based pollution.    
  • Environmental Management System or “EMS” – Utilize and continually improve our EMS (The Cube, the Environmental Compliance Audit Center, and/or other future systems) in order to track, audit and promote environmental compliance on a site-by-site basis. 
  • Biodiversity and Site-Rehabilitation – As facilities are transitioned into closure, ensure that site construction, and closure plans are effective at restoring the land to a condition that is consistent with the biodiversity of the surrounding environment.    
  • Emergency Preparedness – Establish emergency response action plans on a site-by-site basis, including processes to guide site personnel and local community service providers during emergency events. 
  • Resource Efficiency – Minimize internal waste generation and incorporate new technologies where applicable to mitigate our environmental impact.
  • External Communication – Promote the benefits of proper waste management, including resource recovery, to local stakeholders and customers. 
  • Stakeholder Engagement – Partner with and engage the public as part of our environmental decision-making process in order to promote the fair treatment and the opportunity for meaningful involvement of all people within the communities we serve.   
  • Environmental Performance Measurement – Report our environmental progress through our annual Sustainability Report, and, as required with regulatory agencies.
  • Employee Training – Provide adequate training, oversight and resources to our employees to promote awareness and successful implementation of this Policy.   


  • Integrate environmental considerations, including, but not limited to, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and related climate change impacts, generation and use of clean, renewable energy, and opportunities for growth of recycling and waste diversion, into strategic planning and operational management processes.
  • Incorporate environmental risk assessment into our enterprise risk management process.
  • Waste Connections’ management, including our Vice President – Engineering and Sustainability, is responsible for communicating and implementing this Policy; however, all employees and contractors are responsible for adhering to and promoting this Policy.  The Board will review this Policy on at least an annual basis and update as needed.
  • Any employee or contractor who suspects or becomes aware of any actual or potential violation of this Policy or any other actual or potentially illegal or unethical behavior involving any Waste Connections' personnel or operations, should immediately report such suspected or known activity through Waste Connections’ confidential Ethics & Compliance Hotline at www.wasteconnections.ethicspoint.com or (877) 797-3674, or call Waste Connections' Legal Department at (832) 442-2288.
  • This Policy and all subsequent modifications will be communicated to all officers, directors, employees and contractors, and will be made available to the public.

Adopted: October 26, 2021